An appeal from Sue Clarence, Festival Director since 1993.

For close on 30 years the Hilton Arts Festival has made an indelible print on the South African and KZN theatre, music and arts landscape. Every year, like magic, it happens again, bringing joy to thousands of people. Thanks to Covid, the true image is no longer rosy.

2020 was a financial disaster for the entertainment and eventing industries world-wide. Without your help, we at the Hilton Arts Festival face extinction.

As the person who started the festival in 1993, let me explain. Hilton College has been a loyal and supportive host and sponsor, graciously allowing us to make use of their property and buildings. It is incorrect to presume that the College either contributes to or benefits from the Festival in any financial sense. The Festival is managed by ATSA, a non-profitable trust with charitable status, which aims annually, to cover all costs (including the less glamorous aspects of event management), provide work for performers, artists and technicians; to give the public an immersive arts experience; and, to expose the youth of SA to the arts and all the intrinsic values of arts in education. Even in a good year, the festival is not a money-spinner.

In order to make 2021 and 2022 (the 30th Festival) a reality we ask you as patrons, lovers of the arts, those who believe in the vital importance of arts in education, to make a donation. No matter how big or small, it will help keep this event afloat until there is light at the end of the Covid tunnel. Please give generously.